Once Upon a Readathon 2012

Once Upon a Read-a-Thon

This is my second year participating in the Once Upon a Readathon! I’m really excited.

Since I’m busy doing other projects and am stuck in a bit of a reading rut, I decided no set goals! I always push myself harder during Read-a-Thons, so who knows what’ll hapoen.

I grabbed 6 that I’m hoping I can get to, realistically I’ll probably only manage 2 or 3, but who knows!

The Forsaken (Forsaken – Trilogy)
On the Island: A Novel
Pushing the Limits (Harlequin Teen)

Day 1

Books Completed Today: Pushing the Limits (the last 212 pages), The Benson (Experiment in Terror #2.5) (short novella), Dead Sky Morning (Experiment in Terror)

Page Count Completed Today: 601
Challenges Completed: none
Notes: I had started Pushing the Limits already, so I finished it up today and then continued a series that I wasn’t planning on working on, but I’m enjoying it so much from Karina Halle. I’m debating continuing the series instead of reading my “selected” books. ;)

Day 2

Books Completed Today: Lying Season (Experiment in Terror #4) and On Demon Wings (Experiment in Terror #5)
Page Count Completed Today: 558
Challenges Completed: Kindle Fever and Stiletto Storytime
Notes: Another day spent not reading my books listed. ;) I absolutely LOVE this series though, so it’s all good.

Day 3

Books Completed Today:
Page Count Completed Today:
Challenges Completed:

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  1. Good luck! :-)

  2. I am glad there are still people like you Amanda who still finds time to participate in Once upon a Readathon. I admire you and you really have a list of tasks and number of books that you have finished! Keep on participating and good luck! Great post!

  3. Some of those books look so good! Hopefully you’ll be able to get to all six, haha!

    Good luck!

  4. Melissa says:

    Great stack of books and good luck getting them read!

  5. Hi :) I am also doing the read-a-thon :) I have set my goal as 2 books but maybe 3 and i have tried to be strict with myself to i do not mess about choosing books, hence the books chosen. Right now is end of day 1 and i’m contemplating how to do my update post but not sure yet…ummm. I have the challenge to do too :) You have some great books there to read!!! If you managed to read 6 in this length of time i think i would faint with shock haha. I have ‘Pushing the limits’ to read wish i had chosen it for the read-a-thon. Hope you are enjoying it xx

  6. Ruby says:

    Good luck! I’m awful at readathons, but I’ll be checking back to see how you like Cursed and Pushing the Limits, as both are on my TBR.

  7. Hey! Pushing The Limits seems to be a popular pick for OUAR :) I chose it, too and I’ve seen it on some other people’s goal posts, as well! I hope you have lots of fun reading it and – if you finish it tell me what you think :)

  8. You did really great on the first day! I’ve been telling anyone that I’ve been failing miserably but I have good reason – emergency genealogy! LOL! I had to delve into a lot of family history to solve a mystery that is getting closer to being solved but not done yet. Hence, hours of research and like 2 minutes of reading!

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