Review: Junk Miles by Liz Reinhardt

Brenna Blixen has the perfect boyfriend. He’s sweet, sexy, loyal, and sure that Brenna is the best thing that’s ever happened to him. But being the perfect girlfriend isn’t as easy as Brenna thought it would be, and the pressure that comes with trying to be Jake’s everything is beginning to weigh on her. When her mother surprises her with a trip to Paris over winter break, she’s torn. She anticipated spending her vacation snuggling with Jake Kelly, ice-skating, drinking cocoa, and relaxing…but what girl in her right mind would turn down a trip to Paris?

Things only get more confusing when she winds up unexpectedly and unavoidably thrown into Saxon Maclean’s arms in the City of Lights. Far away from the comfort and stability she finds at Jake’s side, Brenna faces down the feelings that have been swirling through her since the day she laid eyes on Saxon. Is it fair for her to call herself Jake’s girlfriend when she has so many unresolved feelings about someone else?

Brenna is determined to figure it all out, even if it means making some of the hardest decisions of her entire life. She also learns that every single thing she does has rippling repercussions, some that fill her with total regret. By the time she figures out what her heart truly wants, she realizes that she may not be able to have it after all.

I usually do not review books I purchase, there simply aren’t enough days in the week. I read a book a day, but on top of everything else I post some books simply cannot be reviewed here. Most of those end up on Amazon or B&N, but every so often a book I buy comes along that I have to share. Immediately.

In the beginning of November I reviewed Double Clutch by Liz Reinhardt, a book I gushed about to everyone I know. (Some of which ran out and bought it immediately and also loved, so if you haven’t bought it – do so!!!) While I was sitting in the middle of the Twilight marathon, Preet @ A Written Rhapsody texted me to tell me that Junk Miles (the sequel) was available. Torture. I got home around 3am and went to see if it was available on B&N yet, it wasn’t. When I woke up it was, thankfully. I finished it later that afternoon. (Sorry, Liz, but when I really LOVE a book I must consume it all immediately.)

Junk Miles picks up around Christmas time and Brenna receives a present from her mother – a vacation to Paris that leaves in just a few days. While there, she learns more about Saxon and explores her feelings for him. When she returns home she has no idea what to do.

I’d first just like to say, I love Brenna. Really I do, but this girl needs some sense talked into her. (I’d say physical harm, but I like her too much for that.) She has a great boyfriend and this other amazing guy who is kind of obsessed with her..and yet she can’t make up her mind. I wanted to scream at her – it makes me wonder if either is really right for her. Sigh. On that note, these boys…oh my. I have to admit, if I was Brenna I’d probably have issues picking too. Saxon finally shows a bit more of his real personality and we get to see why he is the way he is. Jake shows a bit more of his bad side and I loved it. I kept cheering for him for not being a pushover.

I cannot wait until Spring when book 3 is released, I need to know what is next for these three.

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  1. Preet says:

    See, stalking Liz and talking to you all day has its rewards! Ha, I was totally rooting for Jake too. I hope he’s bit more of a badass in the next one. He’s really sweet! I just want Brenna to appreciate whomever she chooses in the books.

    • Amanda says:

      Stalking Liz is probably our number one new hobby. (Should we say that in public?) Seriously though…ahhhh that book. I can’t wait until the next one. SPRING. Liz is trying to kill us.

  2. Arianne says:

    Oh my gosh u already got a copy of the book!!!! I LOVED DOUBLE CLUTCH!! :D

  3. Hahaha! Amanda and Preet, I love that both of you are stalking me…but is it stalking if I am counter-stalking both of you! I’m sorry Brenna is a crazy person! But she is! And Jake is getting bad-asser, right? There’s only so much insanity he can put up with, poor, sweet guy! I think book 3 lets him get even more bad-assy, and throws in a WHOLE NEW CHARACTER! (And I love her…I would stalk her…or I do, in my head!) And Arianne, you WILL win a copy…I can feel it! Love to you all!

  4. A triangle of stalking love! I just can’t get away from triangles…i need a new shape! (And spring feels very, very scarily, freakily close. Um, okay, I have to go edit! Right now! Even though it’s going to be midnight soon and I’m in charge of the sweet potatoes and haven’t even started them! AAAAHHHH!!) Sorry. I’m fine! I will work hard and make it early spring. I promise ;) !

    • Amanda says:

      Spring is freakishly close..for you at least. But not when you are waiting for it. ;) Especially with the holidays here. If it was me it’d be summer. (But I didn’t say that..)

      Have fun making sweet potatoes! We cooked all day today and get to do it again tomorrow. (Two Thanksgiving dinners….ahhh)

      • I had to pick up a bottle of wine just to handle the ONE side dish I’m responsible for! Haha! My husband’s family is too far away…which is bad for family love reasons, but so good because I only have ONE side to freak over and that’s enough! I’m as bad at cooking as I am good at frustrating love triangles and stalking…so, yeah, really, super bad! And it has to be be spring, or I will procrastinate until next winter or never ever. It’s really, really, really scary to pub, so I just have to hold my breath and jump or I’d get too chicken ;) ! And then you’d never know what the summer brings for our favorite 3 crazies…

        • Amanda says:

          I need wine for tomorrow! I actually love to cook, just don’t like feeling the pressure.

          I wish Pree was home to see you teasing me. Summer…ahh. The excerpt in the back of Junk Miles was torture enough. :P

  5. Oooh! You can come cook for me (no pressure, I LOVE eating anything and everything and am gushingly complimentary to cooks), and I’ll let you read the rough, rough, rough version of Slow Twitch! And we’ll share all my wine! And Pree can join us! Oooh, that sounds like such a fun lady date!!!

    • Amanda says:

      I especially love baking. I torture Pree with pictures of things I bake.

      Ooohh Slow Twitch. It sounds like an amazing lady date! We’d probably scare your husband off.

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