Review: Storm by Brigid Kemmerer

Ever since her ex-boyfriend spread lies about her, Becca Chandler is suddenly getting all the guys – the ones she doesn’t want. Then she saves Chris Merrick from a beating in the school parking lot. Chris is different. Way different: he can control water – just like his brothers can control fire, wind, and earth. They’re powerful. Dangerous. Marked for death.

And now that she knows the truth, so is Becca.

When Hunter, the mysterious new kid in town, turns up with a talent for being in the wrong place at the right time, Becca thinks she can trust him. But then Hunter goes head-to-head with Chris, and Becca wonders who’s hiding the most dangerous truth of all…

When I first heard of Storm, I’ll admit I was kind of worried…another family of supernatural creatures, haven’t we had enough of those? But I was curious – all boys? And it said they were hot, we readers like our hot boys. (Does that make me shallow? If so, shhhh!) I was interested enough that when a copy came my way I knew I had to read it!

I fell in love with this book. Let me repeat that: in love with this book. I’ve delayed writing a review, because all I’ve been able to do up to this point is swoon! The second I finished Storm, I pre-ordered it. IMMEDIATELY. I also began badgering Bex to buy a copy too. (You should too! I promise. ;) )

The main character, Becca, is the type of girl I love to root for. She’s strong and most importantly she doesn’t automatically believe what she’s being told. She’s not your usual damsel in distress that needs protecting and saving. In fact, when she sees Chris being beat up, she runs to his rescue! Then, when they finally fill her in with what is going on, she finds what they are telling her farfetched and is freaked out by them. (YAY for characters who stand their ground!)

As for the brothers…they are hot! Each has a completely different personality and it’s sure to set us up for great fun in the future books. Storm mainly focuses on Chris, the brother who controls water. As of now I’m pretty much obsessed with Chris, but I definitely see potential to fall for the rest of the family too! (If you haven’t already checked out Elemental, it’s the prequel to the series – as of right now it’s free! It gives background into one of Chris’s brothers and the family history.)

I feel this need to note that Becca isn’t romantically involved with the all of the brothers in Storm, so it’s not some big weird family-love-triangle (er…pentagon). Although for love triangle fans, there is one! I’m not a fan of them typically, but I really enjoyed this one. Kemmerer’s male characters are hot! I’m so intrigued by Hunter that I really hope there is more of him in the future.

The concept and plot behind Storm is so exciting. Without explaining too much away, Kemmerer has created a type of paranormal “world” that is incredibly believable. I was rather impressed with the direction she’s taken it. Because of their abilities, they are in danger and being threatened by various outside forces.

Storm is action-packed and for a book over 430 pages, it’s surprisingly a very fast read. This is the sort of series that I can picture as a big movie and as a huge YA literary franchise. I’m personally hooked on the series already and can’t wait to see what the future holds!

If you are in the mood to meet some swoonworthy guys and a strong main character, Storm is your book. (And don’t forget about Elemental!) The good news is Spark, the next installment releases in August, so not much longer to wait to see where the story goes next!

I received my copy of Storm (Elemental) from the publisher in exchange for my honest opinion.

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  1. Ems says:

    The only thing that kept this from being absolute perfection for me was the language. I don’t mind a bit, but I thought it got kind of excessive. Too bad, because it really was the perfect story! Blew through it in a day.

    And as much as I didn’t enjoy the language, no fears….it’s totally not keeping me from keeping my copy and reading it again. The story was THAT good.

  2. OoOOO I want my copy now!!! Truly as soon as I finihsed this wayyyyyy boring book I’m reading right now I’m going to get my cop! Everyone is raving about this book and .. now that it is finally released I have to get it!!
    LOVED your review!!! Thanks for mentioning about the sequel, there is nothing more exciting than a soon-to-be-released sequel!

  3. I have to admit the sound of this didn’t appeal to me either but I have ready so many 5-star reviews, I don’t think I’ve read a single negative one yet. And while love-triangles usually put me off, I’m happy to hear this one did not annoy you!

  4. Oh…Intrigued. It’s true, hot man candy is important. I’m most interested in this because of the strong female character. I shall make this a priority to read.

  5. The language didn’t bother me but I did note it in my review for those who are sensitive to it. But if you know Anne Arundel county boys like I do (I live in the next county over from where the book takes place and the places are all real), the you’d know that their mouths can be worse in real life lol! I had the pleasure of meeting Brigid on Saturday and she had an amazing turnout. I hope more people give Storm a try because it’s really excellent!

  6. Bext says:

    I bought it, I bought it! *Bext did good*
    Now to read it. *makes time*

    YOU MAKE ME DESPERATE. o: (Also I love your favicon and new button! Hihih)

    • Amanda says:

      READ NOW! Whenever I tell you to read something I need you to read it…then. :P

      I’m not crazy about the button .-. I am still playing with it…but the favicon. :D (I also made my mommy’s a sun. *nods happily*)

  7. Mariana says:

    I bought this book yesterday and can’t wait to start it after reading your review. Sounds so good!

  8. sangita says:

    This book has got really good points over bloggers and i can’t wait to read it! Great reviw!

  9. i loved this book/ the brotherly bond and the squabbles between them
    i can’t wait for spark
    great review

  10. Kristin says:

    I love your review! It has really made me wanna pick this one up, you made me so excited to read it! Thank you so much for the awesome review! Have a great day!


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