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streamline coverSeems like Leo Scott has it all: looks, brains, and athletic talent. He’s captain of his high school swim team with a bright future in college and beyond. But Leo has secrets. His mother’s crippling car accident has devastated his family and left Leo to deal with his father’s abuse, battered and alone.

Leo’s girlfriend Audrey Rose is poised for her own share of success. As one of Florida’s top high school swimmers, Audrey dreams of college swimming stardom. But there’s an obstacle to her glorious rise to the top. Her number-one supporter–her father–is in prison for murder.

Part murder mystery, part tale of young love in a military family, this gripping story takes readers on a journey from Pensacola to Annapolis. Leo and Audrey must band together to rise above the adversity they encounter and find their true selves in the process. When everything’s on the line . . . streamline.

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Streamline is the sort of book that pulls you in immediately and makes you want to weep. This entire group of families is interconnected in ways that kept me turning the pages to find out just what was going on. My heart ached for each character for various reasons.

Leo’s upbringing was horrific and filled with abuse. Audrey’s father is in jail for killing a man – and doesn’t remember it. Overall Streamline is dark and mysterious, like I said it kept me guessing. Each character introduced had some secret or involvement in the “big picture” that I was never quite sure who was being 100% honest.

One thing that may bother some readers is there are many multiple points of view. That said, I liked being able to see what motivated some of the side characters and why they had made their decisions. Sometimes it did get a bit much, but wasn’t too annoying.

My only real complaint is that so much did happen over the span of the book. At 460 pages, it could’ve easily been broken up into at least two different books and I would’ve been much happier. While I don’t mind lengthy titles, but this one had too much going on in it that at times I was a bit overwhelmed.

Overall, I really enjoyed Streamline and can’t wait to read more from Lane. Streamline, while YA, is probably better for more mature readers. It’s intense and includes a heavy layer of abuse and horrifying situations.

I received my copy of Streamline in exchange for my honest opinion on the ATOMR Book Blog Tour.



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  1. I know what you mean about books that are just too long. And I don’t mind long books either, in fact before the age of eReaders I only picked big and long books. Just sometimes less is more! However, this sounds like a really great story – heavy… Thanks!

  2. Hey Amanda, thanks for the great review! I appreciate you being part of the tour. I hope you have something nice and fluffy to read after this novel, ha ha.

  3. Andrea says:

    Very thorough review, thanks for discussing the complexity and content.

  4. Victoria Zumbrum says:

    I really want to read this book. Please enter me in contest.

  5. Alba says:

    You made me even more eager than I was, to read this book!
    I loved your review >..<

  6. Melissa says:

    Love that it sounds like you were unable to ever completely get a read on certain characters…I love a little mystery mixed in. Sounds like it wasn’t “streamlined” quite enough for you though! ;p

  7. Na S. says:

    I’m looking forward to this book. I’ve read books that makes me want to weep too but haven’t in a while. Thanks for the review.

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